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11 x 14 print on archival 100% cotton paper, acid free paper.  

*Frame not included. 

I wanted to create a monster with influences of 1950s housewives and vintage kaiju art. Making something that felt retro and soft but still a creepy monster. The idea of a plant overtaking and living in the cavity of an unbeknownst gardener with venus fly traps for hair, while trying to feed the offspring meat. It felt like the perfect mix. When making this painting ideas of the origins of this monster started to come to life and a story as well. 

“My mother picked up gardening as a new hobby, much to my dismay. Since then, she’s become obsessed with her garden, neglecting her responsibilities. Often, she’d forget to feed us or prepare our lunches, leaving me to fend for myself after school. She’s never been the best mother. One fateful day, I returned home to find my dolls missing from where I had left them on the counter. Suspicion crept in; perhaps my mother had something to do with it. Racing outside, I was met with a chilling sight: my mother transformed into a monstrous figure, her face twisted into a ghastly grin, jagged teeth protruding from her Jaw. Horror gripped me as I realized she was attempting to feed my dolls to her carnivorous Venus flytraps and not only that she was one as well.”

#1 Plant mom

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